Spring Wedding Themes

Considering the various holidays and the rejuvenated wildlife that are typical of this season, springtime weddings allow the bride to be very creative with themes. Below are a few ideas to coordinate with this season:

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Garden Theme

*Decorate your ceremony with tulips and daffodils and continue with that theme by using watering can centerpieces filled to the brim with freshly cut spring flowers.
*Leave your ceremony location in a shower of petals instead of birdseed or bubbles.
*Dress your bridesmaids in pastel colors and hand out to your guests personalized seed packets for them to take home as a lasting tribute to your wedding.

Victorian Tea Party Theme

*Walk down the aisle in a lace dress and create a romantic atmosphere with plenty of candles.
*If your reception is in the evening, light up the walkways with wedding luminaries.
*Purchase or borrow lace tablecloths and for your centerpiece use a collection of tea cups with votive candles inside.
*Let your centerpiece break away at the end of the reception to be used as individual favors, or send your guests home with several packages of herbal tea.

Easter Theme

*Decorate the ceremony location with potted lilies and hyacinths.
*If you plan to have your ceremony at a church, check to see if it will already be decorated, saving you a ton of money.
*For centerpieces, incorporate Easter baskets. Finally, send each guest home with a plastic egg stuffed with goodies or their own chocolate Easter bunnies.

May Day Theme

*Back in the day, kids would go “a-maying” on May 1. That is, they would travel the countryside in search of flowers. In keeping with the spirit, dazzle your guests with numerous blossoms during the ceremony and reception.
*Dress your bridesmaids in bright colors and use bright colored ribbons to travel down poles and pillars.
*Continue the theme with your cake by separating the tiers with miniature Maypoles.