Table Centerpiece Tips

Here are some tips to help you with selecting and setting up centerpieces for your wedding reception:

Vary the size and style of your centerpiece (vases, baskets, etc.). It gives a much more interesting and unique look to the room and overall decor.

Be careful of tall centerpieces. You want to make sure that they don’t block the view of your guests or make it difficult for them to converse with each other across the table!

Don’t choose flowers with a strong scent, it can distract from the taste and enjoyment of the meal.

Add sparkle to your table setting. Try sprinkling some glitter or confetti around the center of the table.

Make a small centerpiece look larger, use a mirror. You can rent round, flat mirrors from your local florist or other party supply stores.

Ask your reception site if they have anything to offer for centerpieces. Some will include table centerpieces with the rental of your hall at no extra charge. Also, some will even give you a choice, such as a small floral arrangement or hurricane lamps. However, some may not offer this up for free unless you ask.