The History of the Wedding Cake

The history of the wedding cake began with bread (usually wheat) and was subsequently broken over the head of the bride for a plentiful life and years of happiness.  Guests scrambled for the crumbs and partook of them eagerly as they were assumed to be tokens of good luck.

More recently, brides and grooms kissed over bunches of little cakes and later, the cakes were made into one with icing over them and thus the tiered wedding cake custom began.

For many years, the top layer of the cake was frozen and then consumed on the first anniversary. However, with the invent of preservatives, and who knows what else, many now suggest this top layer be eaten on the one month anniversary or soon after.

The groom’s cake is traditionally a “fruit cake” – no pun intended, that is said to bring fertility to the newlyweds.  The groom’s cake in now appearing at many rehearsal dinners… click here for more!