The Seating Chart

Now that you’ve invited all those people, you need to know where you’re going to put them. Below are a few tips on how to seat guests at a reception.
To Begin

* Divide your guest list into groups. Separate into co-workers, family, college friends, etc.
* Make a floor plan of your reception site (or ask someone at your reception site for one) that includes how many tables there are and how many guests each table seats.

Create Good Conversation

* If you have a group that is larger than one table can accommodate, but too small for two tables, divide the group in half and place at tables next to each other. Fill in the extra space with people that don’t fit into any group.
* If you have a lot of unmatched guests, place people together whom you think would be compatible. Consider ages, interests and marital status of those you put together. Your widowed next-door neighbor would probably not appreciate sitting next to four newlyweds.
* If you are going to have some empty space, divide it among several different tables. It is better to have two groups of 8, than to have a group of 10 and a group of 6.

Be Sensitive

* Do not place feuding family members or friends near each other, unless you don’t have music and are looking for some free entertainment.
* Seat elderly and disabled guests away from the music speakers, especially if they don’t have the freedom to get up and move around during the reception.