The Sky’s The Limit When Money is No Object

* Buy two dresses – one for the ceremony, the other for the reception

* Book a full gospel choir for the church

* Go crazy with flowers ­ string them from chandeliers, tied to chairs, tucked into mirrors, bracketing the bandstand, topping every surface in sight

* Commission an artist to make a hand painted aisle runner

* Release 500 doves outside the church doors

* Rent limousines to get everyone ­ guests and wedding party ­ to the reception; from the reception to their homes

* Serve a caviar course

* Have your baker create miniature wedding cakes for each guest to take home

* Pour champagne (the really good stuff) from dusk until dawn

* Landscape the grounds with your favorite flower, or in an all-white color scheme

* Hire a fleet of horse drawn carriages and take everyone for a ride

* Fly in that blues band you loved from your vacation in New Orleans

* Ask your photographer to take a picture of each guest, then send framed prints as souvenirs

* Buy linens for the reception tables and have them monogrammed with your names or initials

* Get a plane to sky write your names and the date over the reception site

* Put on a fireworks display

* Instead of placing disposable cameras on each table, go for the real thing

* Buy out an entire floor of your wedding night hotel ­ the party can go on until the wee hours

* Rent something outrageous – a classic Air-stream trailer, a helicopter, for a dramatic getaway

* Charter a plane and take everyone to the tropics for a long-weekend wedding

* All of the above!

Weddings by Lisa Akers Author of
“The Wedding Theme Workbook”
and “The Wedding Consultant in a Box”