Theme Wedding Centerpieces

Angel Theme

Our wedding has an angel theme. Instead of flower girls, we have angels who sprinkle angel dust (glitter) and for centerpieces we are using angel Christmas tree toppers.

Beach Theme

My finance and I are having an ocean theme wedding. Clam shell place card holders and sand dollar ornament favors. Our centerpieces are glass fish bowls with aquatic sand, a few decorative shells, and lots of goldfish. ~ Submitted by Jami, Brick, NJ

Hawaiian Theme

My fiancé and I will be having a Hawaiian themed wedding so we have decided to put sand on straw plates (that have a layer of plastic on the bottom for easy clean up) with a mini tiki-torch in the center of the plate. We will then place seashells in the sand and around the center of the table (some of the shells will have candles in them and some will not). This idea can be used for any type of beach themed wedding.~ Submitted by Elisabeth, Los Angeles, CA

Beach Party Theme

We were married on the beach in Mexico and for the reception back home we had a “party” theme. We got huge, oversized margarita glasses, glued un-refined sugar (to look like salt) around the top. We then filled them with water, tinted yellow to look like a margarita and then floated 3 little candles inside. To top off the look, we added candy limes to the rim of the glass and added an oversized straw!

Oriental Theme

We are having an oriental theme wedding. Bonsai trees and ornate jade dragons will decorate the table centers. Name holders will be oragami swans. The reception will be decorated with paper lanterns, white lights and orchids.

Tennis Theme

Being that my fiance and I met on a tennis court, we have applied a “tennis theme” to our wedding reception. We are putting tennis rackets in hand painted terracotta pots (light silver with rubbed pale lime green and lavender), and twisting them with ivy and raffia. Our florist is going to drape the rackets with hydrangeas (pale lime/lavender flowers), to appear as tennis racket topiaries. We are carrying this ‘theme’ throughout the reception, so it will not only be unique, but personal.

Western Theme

For the centerpieces, we bought beer steins in the shape of a cowboy boot with a spur and are filling them with colored water and a floating candle with a bandana wrapped around it.

“Woodsy, Up North” Theme

We are having a “woodsy, up north” theme. We will be using the bottom pieces of terracotta pots (the dish that catches the excess water) and placing two or three pine cones in it. Then I will hot-glue pine sprigs to the cones and maybe add a rafia bow. My Dad’s wife has offered to make chocolates and we will fill the dishes the rest of the way with the chocolates. CHEAP! Pine cones are free (in my yard anyway) the pine sprigs will simply be a lifelike garland from the Christmas clearance rack and the terracotta dishes are about $1 each.

Garden Theme

We are having a spring/garden theme wedding our centerpieces will be metal watering cans w/multi colored pastel flowers inside, along with the flowers we will have little metal pictures with paper butterflies stated our names and the date.