Tips for Getting In & Out of the Car

Most brides are not used to wearing a 30 pound dress with a 10 foot or longer train with tons of crinoline, tulle and lace. How in the world are you supposed to be “lady like” getting in and out of your car, bus, carriage or other means of transportation on your wedding day? Well, here are a few tips to help you through this most overlooked detail on your wedding day.

Limos are usually the choice of most brides. They are classy and can hold up to 12 people at a time. They’re big and roomy and are excellent for you and your mounds of material.

* First, have someone open the door.
* Gather up your dress pushing as much of your skirts to the front of you, having someone holding your train. Sounds complicated, but it’s really not.
* Standing as close to the car as possible, turn with your back to the door and gently lower yourself onto the seat; feet on the street, bending at the waist to allow room for your shoulders, head and torso.
* Simply straighten out your upper body in the car. Turn slowly, making sure the person holding your train “goes with you” to avoid ripping and wrinkling.
* Bring feet up and into the car together. You should be sitting correctly at this point.
* Sit back and gather your skirts on to your lap, having your train draped across your skirts and lap. This will minimize winkles and lessen the chance of having high heels getting caught in your dress.
* Sit back and relax. Do not slide over or move your position. Many brides seem to think they have to sit in the middle. There is no rule for that!
* Keep your flowers next to you or on the seat across from you. Some flowers may be wet and will drip onto your dress. You do not want this!
* Whoever will be riding with you, should enter the car from the other side, making sure, of course that it is safe.
* When arriving to your destination, simply have the driver put your door to the curb. DO NOT MOVE! The bride is always the last to exit the vehicle.
* Have someone, open the door. Hand your train to that person. You will now begin exiting the vehicle. Turn your feet and your body towards the curb. Place your feet on the ground or the curb and then, head first followed by shoulders, let yourself out of the car.
* Have someone retrieve your flowers and then let go of your dress, train and skirts. You are ready to enter your ceremony site.

You may need to practice this since it does sound trickier than it really is. Simply get a long robe, sit in a chair and practice, practice, practice. If you’re riding in a carriage, follow this advice:

* Make sure the driver has a stable step stool for you to step on. Lift your skirts up away from your feet. Have someone hold your train. Grab onto a handle and lift yourself onto the carriage steps.
* Once at the top, step into the carriage and gather all your skirts to your front. Sit back and relax. Have your train draped over your lap to reduce winkles and place flowers away from you so that they do not drip onto your dress.
* Make sure your veil does not get caught in any hardware on the carriage.
* When you arrive at your destination, let someone gather your train while you stand. Lift your skirts so they do not get caught on your shoes or so you do not trip and fall out of the carriage.
* Someone should be there to hold your hand. TAKE IT! With one hand, hold onto the person’s hand, with the other, hold on to your skirts. Get your balance. Step out one foot at a time. Once down on solid ground, have someone retrieve your bouquet, straighten your dress out, and then proceed into the ceremony site.

All these tips sound harder than they actually are. If you’re lucky enough to have your dress, try it on one day, and practice in it (NOTE: USE CLEAN WHITE GLOVES WHEN HANDLING YOUR DRESS TO AVOID HAND AND BODY OILS FROM GETTING ON YOUR DRESS). You should be a pro by the time your wedding comes around.