Tips for Getting Your Hair Done at the Salon

1. Schedule your wedding day hair appointment at least eight weeks ahead.

2. Have a practice session at least a month ahead and bring a picture of your dress and your headpiece with you to the salon.

3. Record your travel time from the salon to where you are getting dressed.

4. Add on extra time for getting dressed and make-up if the salon is not applying it.

5. Bring a Polaroid camera to your hair appointment and take pictures of the front, side, and back.

6. Ask for more than one stylist to help with the wedding party. Three stylists for a party of six is the best bet for staying on schedule.

7. Schedule all nail appointments for the day before, this also saves time.

8. Don’t expect to get your favorite stylist to do your wedding hair is you desire an intricate Updo. This is a specialty service and best left for the resident expert.