To Garter or Not to Garter

Opinions on the garter toss vary from bride (and groom) to bride. Some see it as a harmless and fun tradition that’s a great photo op and good for a laugh. Others think that the idea of the groom diving under the skirt of a wedding dress to remove a bridal garter – sometimes with teeth – is at best, unladylike and at worst, kind of gross. Then there are the brides who look at the garter as an easy, hidden “something blue”, like this blue Swarovski crystal bridal garter. As with all things wedding, though, there’s no one right way to think about traditional bridal garter toss.

From Swarovski crystal bridal garters to plain white garters to sports team or college themed garters to flask garters and other unusual wedding garters, there are more colors and styles that you can imagine. Whether you choose one and wear it – and then whether you let your new spouse slide it off your leg with teeth or otherwise – is up to you. If anyone in your life gives you a hard time for choosing to ditch the garter toss, don’t sweat it. You’re actually in good company as more and more brides are deciding to skip this ‘tradition’ altogether, along with the bouquet toss.

For a fun take on the garter toss that doesn’t alienate married folks or embarrass your single wedding guests, announce that the guy who catches the bridal garter (along with the gal who catches the bouquet) will receive a gift card. And let your emcee know that you don’t expect the garter catcher to slip it on the leg of the bouquet catcher – almost no one likes participating in *that* tradition.