Top 10 Ways to Save on Flowers & Decorations

1. Use candles for centerpieces instead of flowers.
2. Decorate with balloons.
3. Use silk flowers. They always cost less than fresh flowers, plus they can be rented!
4. Bridal bouquets can double during the reception as decoration for the head table, cake or gift tables.
5. To really save costs, have each bridesmaid carry a single bloom.
6. Make your own pew bows instead of purchasing them. See Making Pew Bows.
7. Use more greenery, tulle, and baby’s breath for decorating, and less flower blooms.
8. Use only flowers that are in season.
9. If your ceremony site is having more than one wedding that day, contact the other bride and talk about sharing decoration expenses.
10. Purchase candles, white lights, and other decorations after the holidays when everything goes on sale. After Christmas sales are great!