Top Tips for the Beach Bride

1. Gowns

Beach weddings are somewhere tropical, so search for a beach wedding dress that is light, cobeach-bridemfortable and airy—such as a silk, chiffon, or organdy, or Chantilly lace. Sandals gowns are a popular choice. Depending on your personal style, there are loads of options for color, length and design. Let your personality shine, but keep it simple! Some important tips:

If you will be standing directly on the beach, avoid a dress with a train. It can get really dingy looking and ruin your entire look.

Always pack your dress and the rest of all your wedding day accessories with you as carry on if you are flying. Lost luggage is the worst! You can replace everyday clothes, but not your gown!

2. Hairstyles and Headpieces

When thinking about your beach wedding hairstyle, the key is to prepare and plan ahead. Consider the humidity of the destination? The wind? There’s nothing like a hair disaster to send you into a tail spin on your wedding day. Here’s some of our suggestions for getting your hair right at your beach wedding:

To avoid humidity frizz, The Classic Bun – a ponytail woven around itself into a tight bun, works great. Hair pins or a back comb in the bun can be just stunning—understated yet still eye-catching! starfish-comb

If you want to go more casual, The High Ponytail with tons of tosseled or loose curls could be just the thing. Even if it is windy, it doesn’t matter! Mini combs, like a tiny pearl starfish on the side, is a lovely accessory for this style. A whimsical silk flower, feather comb or rhinestone encrusted barrette would also be simple and chic.

Leave it down! Go for a very natural look by leaving your hair down—either straight or loose curls. A great way to avoid the wind whipping hair in your face is to choose a simple bridal headband.

3. Veil or no Veil?

Should you wear a veil at a beach wedding? Sure you can! This is a matter of personal taste, but it can definitely be done. You want to go with a more traditional veil as opposed to something with a great deal of beading, as it would be heavier and not flow as nicely in the wind.

Length is also very important to consider. Steer clear of cathedral veils for a beach wedding. Not only will the veil get soiled from dragging in the sand, but it could be very unmanageable—especially in windy conditions.

4. Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry is always a stunning addition to the beach look. This year, natural organic stones are where it is! Freshwater Pearls are classic and perfect for that seaside feel.

If you want something with a bit more flair, go for the semi-precious, hand cultivated Japanese Keshi Pearls. They come in a stunning array of shapes and sizes, as well as colors and finishes. Being 100% made by mother nature, Keshis have a mesmerizing luster and their irregular shapes just accentuate their glow.

5. Make-up

The key to a great beach wedding day look is to go easy and fresh. You really want it to look like you have that sun-kissed natural glow. Choose light shimmering shadows and liners, also, a nude lip color is a must to complete the look!

To relieve stress you can have a makeup artist do your wedding day makeup. If you enjoy doing your own makeup but need some more tips, visit a makeup consultant before the trip.

6. Shoes

Pair this look with a fabulous pair of sandals or flip-flops that compliment your gown, or, just go barefoot! Avoid heals at all cost! You don’t want to get stuck in the sand!