Unique Centerpiece Ideas Using Fruit

Looking for something a little bit different? A new trend in centerpieces is to add fruit. Below are a few ideas if you want your decorations to be “tasteful”:

1. Purchase cornucopias made from baskets or ceramics. Fill with assorted colorful fruits and vegetables. For an added touch, throw in flower petals or hardy flower heads, like sunflowers.
2. Candelabra. Below the lit candles, drape small grapes and greenery with wire. For a more complex look, have your florist tie in ribbons or flower blooms.
3. Hurricane Lamps. Place a tall pillar candle into the base of the lamp. Fill the bottom of the lamp with cranberries, real or fake. This makes for a simple, yet elegant centerpiece.
4. Silver Bowls. Purchase decorated silver bowls and place chocolate covered strawberries on it, or an assortment of fruits. Your guests will appreciate your edible centerpieces.
5. 3-Wick Candle. Around the 3-wick candle, place a grapevine wreath. Decorate the wreath with greenery, grapes and ribbon.

Adding flowers, candles and fruit together can add a gorgeous touch to any wedding ensemble. Get creative with your ideas, but make sure you (or your florist) create a sample centerpiece BEFORE your wedding day.