Unique Favor Ideas

My mom and I were at a Craft Fair where a woman made little stained-glass sun-catchers in the shape of doves (which was perfect since I had a dove cake topper!). They were only about $2.00/pc. since I ordered in bulk. We tied monogrammed ribbons where the loop was on top.

To this day, people comment on what wonderful favors we had and how they think of my husband and I every time they look at them! Many keep them in their windows and many put them on their Christmas trees as ornaments! Other shape idea: bells, bride/groom, flowers, cakes, etc.!

Miniature Gift Baskets
Nicola, Chicago IL

As we are getting married in Jamaica and miniature straw market baskets are easy to come by, we are going to order the baskets and have them painted (total of about U.S. $2 each; cheaper if friends do the painting). We’re buying about 4 different varieties of potpourri and filling the baskets with them as a bedding for a variety of items such as Hershey’s hugs and kisses, cues of liquor, packets of seeds etc. Wrap it in cellophane, blow dry and then we’re tying ribbons with our names and the date around the top.

Poker Chips
Melanie, Burnsville, MN

I am getting married in Las Vegas and will be having a reception in my home town. I plan on having chocolate medallions that resemble poker chips and then personalized decks of playing cards. For the cards, I plan on using regular playing cards and covering the box with a wrapper similar to a chocolate bar wrapper. The wrapper will have our wedding picture and the date we were married in Vegas.

Shot Glasses
Tracy, Wexford, PA

We are having shot glasses with our names and wedding date engraved on them. We are going to put two Hershey kisses in each then wrap in netting with a colored bow. We will be giving one to each couple.

Laura, Gainesville, FL

It’s really simple and inexpensive! All you need is a sheet of business cards and magnetic, adhesive backing for business cards (sold at office stores). Print your names, the date of your wedding (and place if desired) onto the business cards, on your computer. Then put the cards on the adhesive and you have magnets!

Personalized Tooth Brushes
Hilary, Sherwood Park, Alberta

At my cousins wedding the favors were great! Both he and his wife are in Dentistry so they decided to have personalized toothbrushes made. Engraved on them were their names and the date of their wedding, then tied to them were two $0.10 candies. I thought it was really neat. Eat the candy then brush your teeth.