Unique Table Centerpiece Ideas by Brides

Centerpiece: Photos of the Bride & Groom

We are placing photos of ourselves through the years on a small stand on each table. The photos have been copied and are being put back to back. This will give all of our guests something to look at and laugh about during dinner.
~ Submitted by Roxanne

Centerpiece: Wishing Well

Put pens, paper, and a wishing well on the tables for centerpieces. Guests can put advice, best wishes, little notes, etc… I will decorate the wells to match the theme, and colors of my wedding. ~ Submitted By Cynthia, Houston, TX

Centerpiece: Wine Bottle

We are getting married at a winery in Napa Valley in September. Our centerpieces will be wine bottles made into “lamps.” We filled them with candle oil and added a wick. There will also be bunches of grapes around the base of the wine bottles. ~ Submitted by Suzanne, St. Helena, CA

Centerpiece: Wrought Iron Birdcages

They are green and my Mother and I are spray painting them gold (antique effect) then placing votive candles inside with sprays of pale gold leaves at the base. The reason behind our choice was the need for a centerpiece that would could be reused. My reception will be on my parents property and since the tents we rented would be at our disposal until that Monday, we decided to have brunch for all of our out-of-town guests and family the day after the wedding. Since flowers would wilt, we came up with the idea of the BIRDCAGE! ~ Submitted by Kristin, Mendham, NJ

Centerpiece: Wedding Cake

Rather than have a wedding cake and then a sheet cake for the guests, we are using the cake as the centerpiece. Each table will have a cake on a stand with a few flowers on top and tea candles around it. The table for the bride and groom will have a two tiered cake instead of one with our custom centerpiece.

We found the price for 20 round cakes was similar to sheet cakes and a huge wedding cake and they make an interesting centerpiece. (P.S. the cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting.) ~ Submitted by Mamie, Rochester, NY

Centerpiece: Bubbles and Birdseed Bags

We bought baskets on sale at a local department store, lined them with material [using a glue gun]. Then we filled them with the bubbles and birdseed bags. Those helping with the wedding will get to take a basket home with them. ~ Submitted by Jennifer, Midland TX

Centerpiece: Hurricane Lamps with a Twist

We’re using 16″ hurricane globes with glass Christmas balls inside it. You can match the colors very easily to your event and the balls are very inexpensive to use. ~ Submitted by Leigh, Tampa, FL

Centerpiece: Ice Sculptures

I am putting baby ice sculptures on each table. It doesn’t cost as much as you would think! ~ Submitted by Kelly, South Carolina

Centerpiece: Advice for the Newlyweds

We put small baskets tied with lilac and green ribbon (any color) in the center of our tables. Each basket contained pencils engraved with our names and the date of the wedding. In addition, there will be colorful paper inside with “Advice for the Newlyweds” printed on it. It’s inexpensive and a great conversation piece for the people sitting at the tables who have not met. ~ Submitted by Michele, Michigan

Centerpiece: Wooden Birdhouses

We purchased wooden birdhouses from a local craft shop for about $5 each. My bridesmaids helped me paint them in our colors. We then decorated them with some ivy and fall leaves that we sprayed. ~ Submitted by Robin, Buffalo, NY

Centerpiece: Gift Boxes

Get three boxes in varying sizes, wrap them in wedding paper, glue them together and then use wire-edged ribbon to tie them all together….Each table will have different paper on their boxes. It’ll look like a stack of gifts on each table! Inexpensive & elegant! ~ Submitted by Elaina, Frederick, MD

Centerpiece: Greek Statues

We are having a Roman/Greek themed wedding. I found a variety of Greek statues, pottery and columns made of plaster at the craft store. They range in size and shape so it adds to the diversity. We are adding lots of ivy, candles, potpourri (for the bowls), and flower arrangements. All together they cost about $7 each – and better yet, I’ll have some new decorations for our home! ~ Submitted by Monica, Provo, UT

Centerpiece: Straw Hat

I’m having a garden wedding! My mom and I bought straw hats at a local craft store. We are going to decorate them with silk flowers and ribbon then place them in the middle of each table. ~ Submitted by Beci, Clackamas, OR

Centerpiece: Love Poems

For a very romantic touch, have a calligrapher write out different love poems (by Pablo Neruda, E.E. Cummings, the Brownings, or your favorite poet) and place them in antique silver picture frames. Surround the frame with roses, and you have your centerpieces! I decided to use white pedestals with cherubs on the top of them (like a Greek statue). I am wrapping ivy around the pedestal. ~ Submitted by Lori, New York, NY

Centerpiece: Cherubs, Ivy and Hurricane Lamps

We used a large potted English Ivy, with many trailing vines. This was beautiful, but lacked height! Then we inserted medium ceramic cherubs (we found unfinished ones at a craft store and spray painted them gold) put on a thin dowel and then inserted them into the ivy in groups of three. Over this, we placed a large hurricane globe. In the center of these cherubs (inside the hurricane globes) we added a large pillar candle. It was really spectacular! ~ Submitted by Diane, Nashville, TN

Centerpiece: Wreath and Champagne

For the reception centerpieces, I’m making 8″ grapevine wreaths decorated in tulle, ribbon and small silk flowers that coordinate with my color scheme. At the time of the champagne toast, they will each have a bottle of champagne that fits in the center of them. They will be surrounded by favors of Hershey Kisses in tulle. Very inexpensive. ~ Submitted by Laura, Bellevue, WA

Centerpiece: Upside Down Wine Glass

Take a large wineglass and turn it upside down. Take a Styrofoam ball, small enough to fit on top of the base, cut it half. Glue gun it to the base. Take small white flowers, ivy and pieces of tulle in white. Glue it to the Styrofoam ball, leaving room for small flowers in the color of the wedding. Glue your wedding color flowers in the remaining space.

At the bottom of your styrofoam ball, you can glue four pieces of ribbon vertically, so they extend from the top to the bottom of the glass. It is a very beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece that your guests can take with them. ~ Submitted by Diane, Ontario, Canada

Centerpiece: Champagne Flutes

I went to local thrift stores and purchased many different champagne flutes, and spray painted them silver (my wedding color) and added glitter to spruce them up. I am using silk flowers and cellophane to add the final touch. It is fairly inexpensive and very easy to do!! ~ Submitted by Rosie, IL

Centerpiece: Champagne Buckets

We are using aluminum champagne buckets as the centerpieces. Inside will be a bottle of champagne. Balloons will be hung above in our colors with ribbon hanging down. And we are using food coloring and water to make colored ice cubes for the buckets. We’ll have Hershey Kisses around the table. The champagne is something we need to get anyway so it’s perfect

Board Games. ~ Submitted by Lori, Citrus Heights, CA

Centerpiece: Board Games

We’re using board games and children’s games as our centerpieces. We bought several of our childhood (and current) favorite board games – such as Cooties, Ants-in-Your-Pants, Monopoly, Life – and we’re setting them up in the center of each table. We hope that this will not only look fun, but BE fun for those who choose to sit and play a few games! ~ Submitted by Tanya, Minneapolis, MN

Centerpiece: Money Tree

I have designed centerpieces for various types of receptions from very informal to elegantly designed pieces. One of the most memorable was the “money” tree centerpiece for the less formal reception. A money tree with fake money and a 3X5 piece of marbled paper was placed on each branch of the tree. Each guest wrote a “wish” or a “hint for a happy marriage” or just a simple “good luck” thought. They attached their thought for the bride and groom and replaced the paper money with real money.

To add a personal touch, pencils were placed next to the place cards. The pencils were engraved with the bride and grooms name and their wedding date with a satin ribbon and a silk flower around the pencil. Each table presented their money tree with wishes to the bride and groom who read them aloud. It was a warm-hearted way to send the bride and groom off. ~ Submitted by Jan, Salem, NH

Centerpiece: Unique Beer Bottles

My fiancĂ© and I wanted something different for centerpieces, something that fit our personalities. I am not a flower person, and I do not like lace and bows. So I took beer bottles and cleaned the labels off. Then I used spray glue and sprinkled extra fine iridescent white glitter over the entire bottle. It gave them a frosted look. I also made our own “beer” labels with our picture, name, and wedding date and glued them to the front of the bottle. I tied a light silver ribbon to the mouth of the bottle and inserted glow sticks. We were not allowed to use candles, so the glow sticks made up for that. They were fun and completely fitting of us. ~ Submitted by Monica, Houston, TX

Centerpiece: Teapots

My sister has a collection of interesting teapots. We are filling them with small bouquets that have various flowers in them. The teapots are free, and the bouquets are from the local grocery store. The flowers only cost $4 a bunch. I have twenty tables to decorate, so this is cheap and easy. Also, it is very different because none of the teapots are the same. Great discussion pieces! ~ Submitted by Heather, IN