Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating: A Ceremony in the Round

Are you a bride-to-be planning a wedding and searching for unique ceremony ideas? Rites and rituals aside, one way to personalize a wedding ceremony is to switch up your ceremony seating with round set up. The circle itself is symbolic of eternity – a visual representation of ‘I’ll love you forever’ – and of wholeness, so we think it’s perfect in terms of symbolism.

It won’t work for every couple, of course, but consider a three- or four-section round seating pattern or even a spiral if you’re having an outdoor wedding where you have control over the seating pattern!

It’s unexpected, so you’ll have an opportunity to wow your wedding guests from the moment they enter your ceremony space. And for larger weddings, it gives more guests an opportunity to get a good view of the vows. Photographers like round ceremony seating, too, since there are more chances to grab pics of the couple’s expressions and the guests’ reactions.

It’s a beautiful way to seat wedding guests, no? Is this a ceremony idea you’re considering?