Wedding Ceremony Ideas: The Wedding Anniversary Box

When it comes to ceremony ritual ideas, everyone has their own ideas. But one ceremony idea that is really catching on is the wedding anniversary box.

Basically, it’s a keepsake box that can hold… well, anything that you’d like to have on an anniversary. For some brides and grooms, it holds keepsakes from the wedding – an invitation, the bride’s wedding jewelry, a photo, a letter from each half of the couple, etc. – with instructions to open the box and gush over it in 10, 20, or 50 year’s time. Kind of like a time capsule. Other couples pack away wine from the year they got married, one for each decade to be popped on their anniversary. And we especially like the idea of asking friends and family for advice for each year of marriage. Once a year, the couple opens a special message from someone they care about.

As for how the wedding anniversary box can be incorporated into the wedding ceremony, there are plenty of ideas out there about that, too. Some brides and grooms prepare the box ahead of time and say something like a blessing over it after their vows. There are also wooden boxes that couples can nail shut or lock – no peeking! – when they want to be sure they won’t be tempted to open the anniversary box before the intended anniversary. Sometimes brides and grooms will collect advice during the reception, kind of like a wishing well for cards but with good advice instead of cash. There are lots of ways to make this new tradition your own!

Have you heard of this touching idea? Are you planning to incorporate a wedding anniversary box into your ceremony?