Why Your Wedding Needs a #Hashtag

Professional wedding photos are on most couples’ must-have lists, but that doesn’t mean candid snaps from friends and family are equally special. The problem? Tracking them all down after the big day. I got married in the days before the hashtag so after I said my “I dos”, I was emailing guests, going on Flickr and Facebook to track down pics, and begging when necessary. In the end I got lots of the photos my guests took, and it was a good thing, too. My wedding photographer ended up in the hospital on my wedding weekend and the backup he sent? Stunk. I mean, my pics were awful. Thankfully, my loved ones stepped in to fill in the gaps and I was able to make my own wedding album with my favorites.


These days, couples should not have the same issues that could make finding their wedding photos being so much work. Apparently, 55% of all weddings have a hashtag! Does yours? If not, experts say there’s more to picking the perfect wedding hashtag than putting a pound sign in front of your names. A lot of brides and grooms will choose a mashup, a la Brangelina. Make it easy by including your wedding day or year or some defining feature – like #sarabob2015 or #halloweenwedding2016. Just make sure you check your wedding hashtag on Instagram and other sites to be sure it’s original enough that you won’t be wading through other couple’s photos after the big day.

Just whatever you do, make it easy to remember! If it’s too long or weird or complicated, guests aren’t going to us it. And if all else fails, try the Wedding Hashtag Generator!

wedding hashtag

The best reason to create and share¬† wedding hashtag is that you get to see your wedding from multiple perspectives! Your photographer will be one person in one position but your friends and family may capture moments your photog never sees. For instance, one of my very favorite wedding photos was myself and my husband and our families posing with the photographer in front of us wearing my mother’s hat to block the sun. If I hadn’t chased down everyone’s pics I never would have seen it!

So pick a wedding hashtag, spread it around, and enjoy hundreds more wedding photos than you would have otherwise!