Don’t Forget to Double Check Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Reservations!

Best Thing About My Wedding

  • A Music Video — We did a funny video set to a Harry Connick Jr. song (We Are In Love), and “recreated” our first meeting (we met on the Internet) and us having fun on the beach. Our guests really dug it!
  • Personalize your vows for the ceremony.
  • Give out personalized candy bars that have been designed on the computer.
  • Have a sign-in photo as guests entered the reception!

What I Would Do Differently

  • Never forget to double check your rehearsal dinner reservations!
  • We ended up being shoved into tables in the middle of the restaurant, where it was too noisy!
  • Don’t “under-buy” favors bubbles, cameras, etc. Always buy extra just in case

Submitted by Kelley (Boulder, CO)