Wedding Shower Food & Recipe Ideas

Sunday Brunch

The Sunday Brunch Shower is definitely one of my favorites! Begin the shower at 11:00am. Serve fresh bagels and muffins, fruit salad and quiche. You can also serve a cold cut platter with rolls to make sandwiches.

For beverages, serve fresh orange juice and coffee. If you want to serve alcohol, you can make Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas or a champagne punch.

For dessert, serve cake, lemon squares and chocolate covered strawberries.

Cookies as Place Cards & Favors

I’m making cookies in the shape of a flower and a butterfly. I plan to decorate the cookies with icing and write each guest’s name in icing on the cookie. These will serve as place cards and favors.

Creamy Chicken Bites
Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI

This is a family tradition, and is served at every wedding shower within our family. It’s so easy!

Creamy Chicken Bites:

* two c. cooked, and finely chopped chicken
* one c. mayo or miracle whip
* one c. shredded cheddar cheese
* 1/4 c. onions or any green chilies
* salt & pepper to taste
* one loaf mini(bite size)pumpernickel bread

Mix together all ingredients, and place one heaping spoonful on each slice of bread. Place finished bread slices on a cookie sheet and broil in oven for about five minutes – or until cheese is melted. Garnish with parsley.


We served tiny cheesecakes that we had purchase at the store along with a cake for our dessert, everyone liked the miniature portions.
Dessert Shower

I had a dessert shower. I decorated the whole table with lots of tulle and candles. I made all chocolate desserts and decorated them with fresh flowers. I served champagne and sparkling cider. And of course had lots of strawberries for color! It came out great, what woman doesn’t like chocolate?

Light Finger Food
Stacy, Raleigh NC

Light finger food – cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit, mini-quiches, blueberry cream puffs, crab dip and a bacon, egg and cheese casserole.

Salad Bar

I attended a bridal shower in which lunch was served with a Salad Bar. It was perfect for those watching their weight, (like the entire bridal party), while including an assortment of lean meats, cheeses, rolls & crackers. Two soups, vegetable & clam chowder, were offered in large crock pots.

Interspersed between and around the bowls of fruits & vegetables were whole pineapples, heads of cabbage, whole carrots in a vase, (with the greens left on), apples, oranges & bananas. The salad bar itself was a beautifully, colorful display. Some of the foods served included:

* Lettuce
* Spinach
* Shredded cabbage
* Shredded carrots
* Pickled Beets
* 3 bean salad/corn
* Alfalfa sprouts
* Grapefruit & orange sections
* Pineapple slices
* Pear & apple wedges
* Hard boiled eggs (halved)
* Cubes of lean Turkey & Ham, and an assortment of cheeses.
* Croutons & 3-4 different salad dressings.