Wedding Shower Themes and Shower Gift Ideas

Theme Showers

When hosting a theme shower, be sure that theme of the shower is explained clearly in the invitation. Then, use the theme throughout the shower when choosing decorations, favors and even refreshments.

Wine Tasting Theme

All of the guests brought their favorite bottle of wine and we served fruit and crackers and cheese for the appetizers, everyone loved it. We also had all the guests write down their “recipe for a happy marriage” on recipe cards and put them in a recipe box for the bride. As a favor to the bride we also had everyone self-address an envelope, we drew one of the envelopes at the end of the shower for a door prize. And – the bride had her thank you notes already addressed.

Garden Shower

The centerpieces were watering cans filled with flowers and gardening tools. The favors were a pair of gardening gloves with a packet of flower seeds.


I had a Brunch in my backyard. I put white lights on all the shrubs and trees. I scattered rose petals on table. Also, I typed up and framed cute sayings, quotes, and stories about marriage and put one on each table. The bride got to take these home to use the frames as she wished. Instead of the traditional shower cake, I made ice cream pies with a chocolate mint sauce to serve as dessert.

Holiday Shower

Because my fiancĂ© and I have been together for 5 years, there is little that we need for our home. My bridesmaids came up with the idea of a HOLIDAY shower. Each guest was assigned a specific holiday (ie…Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter) and were asked to be creative and either get a gift directly related to the holiday or something in the style or colors (ex: pastel sheets, towels, or brightly colored candles, picture frames).

We did a Sunday (11:30am) brunch idea with mini muffins, egg bake ideas, champagne and orange juice, and fruit salad. This way people wouldn’t have to take a large portion of their afternoon and it’s early enough (all the packer fans could get home in time to enjoy the game!!)

Something for the Groom
Kyra, Longview, WA

Have all the guests bring a tool for the husband to be and the host of the party buys the tool box and you all fill it and when he comes to pick up his bride to be from the party he has a gift there for him.

Hearts Theme

My shower theme was hearts because I love hearts. For decorations, we had balloons attached to a vase with sunflowers in them, and heart confetti on the table. I also had a photo album in which everyone was sent a page and decorated them with pictures and poems. It was so special. On every plate we had personalized chocolate bars that were pink. Each of my six brides maids, and my maid- of- honor wrote a poem for me and read it for everyone.

Bed & Bath Shower

Gift Ideas

* Towels
* Sheets
* Comforter
* Shower Curtain
* Blankets
* Bathroom Accessories
* Bath Oils and Soaps

Favor Ideas

* Decorative/scented soaps
* Potpourri

Kitchen Shower Theme
Gift Ideas

* Cookbooks
* Cookware
* Bakeware
* Coffee or Expresso maker
* Breadmaker
* Cutting Boards
* Dish Towels
* Gadgets & Tools

Favor Idea

* Two wooden spoons tied with ribbon

Lingerie Shower Theme

Gift Ideas

* Teddies
* Nightgowns
* Underwear
* Bathrobes

Favor Ideas

* Scented sachets

Home Entertaining Shower Theme

Gift Ideas

* Dinnerware
* Glassware
* Vases
* Candles
* Serving Bowls
* Wine Rack
* Specialty or Gourmet Cookbooks
* Placemats and Napkin Rings

Favor Ideas

* Votive or taper candles

Christmas Theme
Anna, Lewisville, TX

Host a Christmas Shower…this works really well if the wedding date is around Christmas. Have all the guests bring crafts or decorations for the bride and groom. You can also have them throw in one of their favorite Christmas/Holiday time recipes.

Christmas Theme

Everyone brings an ornament that reminds them of the couple along with a Christmas themed gift.

Home Accents Shower
Stacy, Raleigh, NC

My favorite shower was a home accents shower (candles, picture frames, etc). It was hosted by my mom’s best friend, who has a gorgeous pool and deck. It was a champagne brunch with swimsuits being a requirement! It sure was nice floating in the pool for three hours with a mimosa in hand after MONTHS of planning and stress!! No games – just lots of gossiping and laughter!

Jack and Jill Showers
Nancy, TX

Co-ed wedding showers are for both the bride and the groom (sometimes called Jack and Jill showers). We didn’t want to leave any of our friends out by having a female-only shower for me. Entertainment doesn’t have to include shower games; you can have the same type of entertainment you’d have at any other party.

One of our showers was a Sunday brunch, and we ended up playing board games after lunch and the gift-opening. My sister’s co-ed shower was a pool party and barbecue. One of my friend’s co-ed showers had Mexican food; we sat on the back deck and drank margaritas while watching the sun go down. I’ve observed that a mix of sexes usually makes for good conversation and a relaxed atmosphere that I didn’t get at some of the all-female showers I’ve attended.

Also, every co-ed shower I’ve attended didn’t have a specific theme, which made for less pressure for guests to select a gift. Wedding registry information was included on the invitations.

Travel Theme

A “travel” theme is great for couples who travel on a regular basis. Gift options are endless. Picture frames and photo albums are great for pictures taken during their travels. Luggage, backpacks, travel alarm clock, compass, hats, a travel “emergency” kit – sewing kit, first-aid kit, etc., travelers checks, maps, a subscription to a travel related magazine, etc. Postcards make great bridal shower invitations.

Around the Clock Shower

The idea is that when you send out the invitations, assign everyone a time of day (this theme works best with small showers) The guest is then asked to bring a gift that relates to that time of day. For example – if someone is assigned 11 am, she might give breakfast in bed trays or a waffle maker. Likewise, if she gets 10 pm she might give a popcorn popper or free movie rentals. This was a lot of fun – and you can ask the bride to try and guess the time of day as she opens the presents.

Garden Theme

Great for the bride who loves gardening! You can have it outdoors on a patio at someone’s home or at a restaurant. This creates instant decoration in keeping with the theme: a green setting. Getting gifts for a garden themed party is easy: garden clogs, books, herb-kits, potted plants, trowel, anything with flowers on it, vases, etc… are all appropriate.

Wine and Party Theme

The theme at my shower is going to be “wine and party items”. It includes bottles of wine, and objects used for a party, like cheese boards and knives, cake pans, picnic basket (my favorite), food trays. All the things I need when I marry into my fiancĂ©’s HUGE Italian family.

Candlelight Dessert Shower

The shower I hosted was in the evening. I decorated with lots and lots of candles, white lights, tulle, and roses. Very elegant and romantic. I played classical music, and kept the lights down low. To keep with the romantic theme it was also a lingerie shower!!

Around the House Shower
Shelley, Milwaukee WI

Similar to the Around the Clock shower, we are having an ” Around the House” shower as the main bridal shower.

And as a co-ed shower, we are having a gift certificate shower. We cannot wait to have both of them!