The Birdcage Veil: Just a Little Bit of Sophistication

A lot of bridal veils seem like too much these days. With weddings, even high priced weddings, getting more and more casual, brides are looking for alternatives to the traditional bridal veil. Which explains the popularity of the bridal headband and the bridal hair brooch and even the mostly unadorned updo we’re seeing on a lot of brides.

But wait. If a cathedral length veil isn’t your style, that doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of bridal veils in toto!

Between veils of traditional lengths and tiny hair gems, there are so many options. Like, for instance, the birdcage veil – sometimes just known as a cage veil. A birdcage veil is just a little bit of veil that’s sophisticated in the way only something that reminds us of days gone by can be. And birdcage veils are fun, not fussy. You can see through them. They’re not going to get snagged on your necklace or the sequins on your bodice.

Plus, a birdcage veil is the kind of bridal veil you can wear all day and all night without getting a headache.

Remember, vintage is still in for 2012, and a birdcage veil, even when worn with a super mod wedding dress and up to the minute accessories, will put your bridal look in the vintage chic category. Without any snags.

Love the look? Here’s what we featured above: